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Judges Clinic May 29th st, 2021

May 30th 2021 

New added May 30th, due to demand

Good day Equestrian Canada Hunter Judges,

We would like to inform you that an additional date has been added to the Randy Roy Maintenance and Promotion Clinic. With the May 29th clinic being full, we have added a May 30th clinic to accommodate the waitlist and any other interested individuals.


In order to register, please complete the following:

  1. Login to your MY-EC account: https://licence.equestrian.ca/myec/home
  2. Select “Access Campus” on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. If you have not already entered your information into ECampus, you will be prompted to do so.
  4. Select “Catalogue” at the top center of the page, then “Live Training”.
  5. The Randy Roy Clinic will appear on the first page, if not search for “Officials” under “Audience”.



Given by Randy Roy 

Online clinic , contact Equestrian Canada to sign up. 


EC Randy Roy Hunter Judge Promotion and Maintenance Clinic

Join renowned EC Senior Hunter Judge and Course Designer, Randy Roy, for a one-day online promotion and maintenance clinic for Hunter Judges. The course will cover hunters, hunt seat equitation, hack, & conformation with the learning outcomes being the following: - Marking cards and using symbols consistently and efficiently. - Identifying faults and strengths in each discipline and how to rate them accordingly. - How to “think like a judge” by engaging in question and answer sessions, & reviewing and discussing RAWF footage. - Being up-to-date on current issues. - Understanding your role as a judge and what makes a for an outstanding judge. Participants will also receive a copy of Randy Roy’s book “You be the Judge” as pre-course preparation material and a hand’s on document to be used throughout the clinic and beyond. We look forward to seeing our current and aspiring hunter judges online this May 29th, 2021!

*please note that the cost of the book and shipping are included in the registration fee.


To book or request a clinic in any of the disciplines please email Randy Roy